Web portal, ASP, web-based service, on-demand, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)… I’ve been part of building SaaS businesses for the more than a decade and I’ve used all those terms to describe the business model. One day while helping a friend work through some pricing issues with his budding SaaS business I realized that I need to do a better job of sharing lessons that I’ve learned firsthand or, thankfully, discovered more cheaply secondhand.

The key thing I’ve learned about SaaS businesses is that business is business no matter what terms you use to describe it or what business model you use. It simply boils down to customers having a significant pain, you having a solution to make that pain go away, and you getting customers to open their wallets to give you cash for that solution. Nothing more. If one of those ingredients is missing then the business fails. If all three are there then you can succeed if you work hard. Nothing is guaranteed, though.

I may get deep in the details with some articles or stay at a high level with others but I hope that you get some useful nuggets that can help you succeed with your own business.